If architecture is buildings that make a statement, then those that have little or nothing to say must be laconic. In sharp contest to the iconic architecture that has finally begun to give an economic rationale for architecture (in an age where money speaks loudest) the overwhelming majority of the buildings, especially those produced for urban areas, remain insipid and uninspiring. Their designers seemed unable or unwilling to take a risk, their clients presumably preferring anonymity to distinction.

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MAKING CITIES WORK – An Introduction

This series of articles, “How-To”s, links and references are intended to help those working in and for the improvement and management of cities in developing countries.
Most of these are based on my work as a consultant, advisor, trainer and academic over the last 40 years, mainly in Asia and Africa, the Middle East, the South pacific and Europe.
Thanks to the internet, many more sources of information are available than there were when I started off in this field, but even so, the process can be daunting and time-consuming.  Additionally, most sites have been set up by organisations and institutions to show-case their work rather than helping others that want or or are engaged in similar work.  Most of the material available on the internet or in books and journals is by and for academics rather than practitioners, and therefore often uses language and structure that does not address practical needs.
As you might have noticed, there is not much here as yet since this site has only recently been started.  I will add to it and expand and extend it as quickly as I can, in-between my other commitments.  You can help by asking questions, making suggestions and contributing your own views and experiences.
Comments are always welcome.
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